Implementation Guide

Getting Started with Photon

At this point, you should be set up with access to our Production Web App. If you don’t have access yet, please contact us at [email protected].

In the settings page you'll find your API keys. See more about API keys and authorization here.

If you're developing or testing, all work should be done in the sandbox environment. API keys for your sandbox environment can be found here. If you aren't setup for our sandbox environment yet, reach out to [email protected] and we can get your account created.

Web App

The Photon Web App can be used to fully manage patients, prescriptions and orders. Using this tool is the quickest way to get started, requiring no code or integration on your side.


If you are looking to integrate with our API, you'll want to take a look at the endpoints available in our API. There you will find instructions on how to format requests.

Frontend SDK

Our JavaScript SDK makes it easy to add photon to your own clinical application. It's available in Vanilla JS and React flavors.


Webhooks are a crucial component of any optimized Photon integration. In order to confirm that an order has been delivered or if a prescription has expired you will need to listen for webhooks. Instructions for subscribing to webhooks can be found here.

Organization Settings

Organization settings can be accessed on the settings page of the Photon app. Here you retrieve and rotate API Keys, and manage webhooks.

At present Organization settings like Catalog configurations and Provider account access can only be manually configured by the Photon Team.

External References

Photon objects can be created and referenced with an externalId making it easy to correlate Patient, Prescription or Order records with yours.

Storing the correct identifier for objects is a crucial part of an integration. There are two options:

  • You can create an object and use the internal Photon ID for that object when referencing it in your system
  • You can pass in an externalId on object creation that points to an object in your system

When referencing objects in our APIs you can use either our internal ID or your external ID. Both will also be given for any webhooks you receive.

Search Queries

Photon offers Medication, Allergy, and Pharmacy search. These endpoints can be used by patients (during onboarding) or by providers (at time of prescribe). See Search Queries for more details.