Integration Guide

Prescribers can use the Clinical App right out of the box, but Photon can also be quickly integrated into any workflow or tool.

Typical integrations involve a combination of the following steps:

1. Sync Patients

It's simple to Sync Patients with Photon to avoid repeated data-entry of patient demographics. We recommend syncing patients' records with Photon as they're created and updated within your backend.

2. Deep-link to App

Most partners start with a simple Add Prescription button that deep-links to the Photon Clinical App.

The deep-link will jump right to the Prescribe workflow with a patient pre-selected:

patientIdOptional. Can either be a Photon Patient ID or an External ID saved at patient creation.
templateIdsOptional. Can include one or many Template IDs separated by commas

3. Configure Webhooks

Webhooks can be used to receive updates whenever state changes occur within Photon.

Typically Order events are helpful for triggering fulfillment emails and Prescription are used to save medications to a patient's profile.

4. Embed Prescribe UI

Photon Elements can be used to embed of Photon workflows within your clinical application.

5. Place Orders

Typically an order integration is only needed if a partner wants to build custom routing rules for how prescriptions are sent to pharmacies.