Getting Started

Photon is designed to simplify prescribing workflows and manage pharmacy fulfillment. Our goal is to make it easier for digital-health organizations to build great patient experiences.

If you're ready to get started with Photon or have questions about an integration, reach out or book time with us. We're always happy to provide support or discuss specific use-cases beyond what's documented here.

Sandbox Access

Our sandbox environment, called Neutron, makes it easy to develop and test prescribing integrations in a non-production setting. Our sandbox works exactly like production (except the send prescription to pharmacy thing).


Request sandbox access to Prescribe App and APIs.

Once you're setup, you can use the Neutron App test prescribing workflows, configure API Keys and webhooks, or access organization settings.

Production Access

Once you're ready for production you can request an account or book time to discuss your use case with our sales team.

Where to Begin?

Before you start development, read through our Integration Guide.

What’s Next